Three hundred years of experience

MH Intelligent Safety GmbH & Co. KG provides door safety systems for original installation or retrofitting of automatic doors in buses and rail vehicles.


MH Intelligent Safety GmbH & Co. KG is the joint distribution company of two long-established German firms in the transport technology industry. It combines the expertise of HÜBNER, the specialist for rubber profiles, and MAYSER, the market leader for switching elements. Working with these resources, MH Intelligent Safety brings together nearly 300 years of experience.

The door safety systems consist of rubber profiles with integrated safety technology sensors. Typical customers include both short and long-distance transit companies as well as manufacturers of doors for rail vehicles and buses. MH Intelligent Safety provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary customer support, develops high-quality systems for detecting and protecting against passengers being caught in doors – and customizes these systems for optimal use in accordance with specific customer requirements.

The headquarters of the sales company is in Kassel, Germany.

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