A common goal

MH Intelligent Safety and its customers share the common goal of having reliable, high-quality door safety systems in public transport vehicles that exactly fulfill the specific wishes of the customer.


Consultation services work best when MH Intelligent Safety is involved in the planning from the very beginning. This makes it possible to define exactly what the customer’s needs are, which requirements should be fulfilled and which product specifications can meet these requirements with the best cost-benefit ratio.

The individual consultation and planning phase provides the orientation for the design activities, the engineering and the manufacture that follow. MH Intelligent Safety also will visit customers on site, which is all the more beneficial the more extensive, complex and individual a project is. The sales engineers and technicians put together all the relevant parameters, such as:

  • Installation situation and general working environment
  • Climatic conditions
  • Fire safety requirements
  • Electrical conditions for the door control

For customized designs, MH Intelligent Safety prepares detailed FE models (finite elements method), calculates the complete design, filters out possible weak points and makes a proposal for the most appropriate solution. Before manufacture commences, all designs are subjected to rigorous testing as required for performance, strength and resistance in our laboratories – and the results are documented.

During planning and development, MH Intelligent Safety also makes reference to its large portfolio of proven solutions, without simply pulling standardized solutions off the shelf. Instead, this broad experience is applied to support the development of particularly effective individual designs for each customer. In addition, MH Intelligent Safety provides complete assembly services even including integration in the vehicle door control concept. After-sales services, of course, are offered, too.