Two safe systems

MH Intelligent Safety provides its customers with safe profiles and safe sensor technology carefully combined for precisely coordinated interaction in all details – in materials, design, engineering, control and electronics.


In the final analysis, door safety systems in buses and rail vehicles consist of two interwoven systems: the rubber profiles and the integrated safety sensors with control elements.

Both systems must first meet the highest standards independently and then be perfectly harmonized with each other. The systems of MH Intelligent Safety fulfill these prerequisites to deliver the highest levels of safety and comfort. In close coordination with customers, practical solutions are developed from prototype to serial production.


Ideally matched


The rubber profiles made of the materials EPDM and silicone in more than 400 special material formulations display high chemical and thermal resistance as well as outstanding mechanical stability and durability. They protect and cushion and seal. The profiles are resistant against heat, cold and UV radiation; they are water repellent, highly elastic and flame retardant. An optimal connection between metal and rubber parts is obtained with the pre-treatment of metal before vulcanizing the rubber.

Decades of experience are applied to each new project. With its compact, space-saving construction that makes optimal use of available room, the design is ideal for customers and passengers. And the sophisticated engineering ensures precise and exacting functionality.


Absolutely reliable


The control and electronic elements ensure that the sensors concealed in the profiles react with exactly the desired level of sensitivity on every occasion.

The electronic control unit monitors the operation of the door and via the rubber profile registers if a person or object is caught as it is closing. The closing action is stopped via the reversal of the motor current and the door is opened automatically. The Gap Detection System (GDS) registers the presence of even very thin objects. And if the door is already closed, it sends a signal to the driver or opens the door automatically, according to the settings determined by the transport company operator. On request, the electronic control of the system can be set to be freely programmable (HEDCU) so that it can be individually defined whether – for example – the door should open completely or partly and also how many times.


In good hands


The service provided by MH Intelligent Safety works to ensure the high reliability and consistent availability of the door safety systems. It extends from practical consultation and individualized planning to specialized design and installation to long-term refurbishment including a spare-parts guarantee. Our experienced sales engineers and expert technicians take care of every project personally from start to finish and are always available to respond to your needs. They offer a full range of product training and when the need arises will be there in person – in Germany and throughout Europe.